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Surviving the Angry Ojibwe Woman Stink Eye is the highest education degree we will ever possess. Learning the ‘degree’ of the Stink Eye and the corresponding body language and how to respond are the most vital maneuvers we will ever learn.

The following is an introductory guide to the Stink Eye. Description of what the Stink Eye looks like is unnecessary, Ojibwe have this knowledge in their DNA, all others will know it because your blood will run cold.

Upon entering into the territory of an unknown Angry Ojibwe Woman, you will automatically get the Stink Eye. Proper etiquette is to approach the woman immediately but slowly, eyes down, showing the proper respect of your intent. To approach any other way could cause severe bodily harm from any number of brothers, sons, grandchildren, nephews, friends, dogs, or even more powerful protectors of the Angry Ojibwe Woman. This automatic Stink Eye comes from the need to know who you are and what your intentions are in her territory. 

Every Angry Ojibwe Woman has her own Stink Eye Level of Tolerance, with an infinite number of reasons to give you the Eye. It is best to take cues from the Husband, children and/or others whom are close to her on how to respond. The rule of thumb is, if you have gotten the Eye twice from her and you are able to leave, do so quickly and quietly. Do not kid yourself, you know why you got it. It does not matter if you agree with it or not. If you return without adjusting your behavior, you are on your own. With out a sound the area will clear of all living things and you will be left to learn whatever lesson she's got in store for you.

From time to time you may receive what may seem like an unwarranted Stink Eye. This may be true. The Angry Ojibwe Woman may be upset with the world and you just happen to be in her line of fire. If you can time travel or have an Invisible Cloak, now would be the time to use them.

The Angry Ojibwe Woman may seem like the meanest person you have ever known. Remember this, she cares deeply about you and the community. It is the best education we will ever receive.

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