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Ojibwe Teachings Do Have Meaning

All my life, I have tried to live by being good and that telling lies is a bad thing. So here is my dilemma: Daughter and I were walking along a gravel road. I found a diamon ring dug into the ground. Look likes several cars drove over it, a little dusty, but definitely diamonds and white gold. I put it on and it fits like it was made for me. Hmmm...
Mini thought...I figure, if people can get away with telling lies or with hurting someone, why is it that I still need to do the right thing? 

Reasoning thought...Cause my momma, Betty Laverdure, told me so! 

Outcome mom can still give me a whoopin'

So...If anyone lost a diamond ring in Waubun and can describe it to me or show me a picture, I want to return it. 

Moral of Story: The ring was most likely given in love and it was not meant for me. Being good and true is a good thing. Telling lies is a bad thing. It is the way the Creator and my Momma told us to be...pass it on.

Page 05/01/2012

I woke up this morning and the ring came to me in my dreams. If I put the ring on, it would give me the power and the permission to fight back for what was right. I had a renewed strength to live on, to wake up, to be the strong Ojibway woman I was meant to be.

... I came to the conclusion that the ring was thrown out the window of an old '57 bright red Chevy by an Angry Ojibway Woman!!!!!
9/20/2013 03:05:43 pm

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